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TECHNOLOGY:  Window Construction

Real Glass Block Window Construction

UNIT 1 - Window Joints - Traditional Mortar versus Silicone

Using mortar was the most common form of assembling glass blocks windows for decades. It was the most efficient and secure way. However, Silicone joints provide all the security, strength, and durability that mortar windows do, while offering a cleaner look and almost no drawbacks.


Silicone Joints Allow More Light

With a clear silicone joint, the glass block window allows more light to come through and makes the glass block window look just like a regular window would, with no dividing lines.


Silicone Joints Improve Energy Efficiency and Strength

With silicone joints, glass blocks are flush against one another, allowing no room for air to seep through, making them more energy efficient. The glass blocks being close together also provide strength to the whole window. Where with cement joints, a broken glass block might compromise the integrity of the whole window, with silicone there is no issue. A silicone joint will not crack like a cement joint might.


Silicone will not Mold or Mildew

Silicone joints for assembly of glass block windows are also preferred for bathrooms because a silicone joint will not allow mold or mildew to grow, which often happens with the moist air in bathrooms. In the case some mold might grow, a simple wipe off with a sponge usually cleans it. Since manufacturers decided to use silicone joints for glass block windowassembly, many more homeowners and commercial building owners have looked into getting glass block windows installed in their buildings.


UNIT 2 - Proprietary Aluminum Framing with Thermal Brake technology

UNIT 3 - Benefits of Pre-Building windows of glass block